British National Open Marathon Racing Individual and Team Championships

Hosted by Pangbourne Canoe Club

Thank you to all who came to the National Marathon Championships 2017 at Pangbourne!

...61 clubs, 1119 seat entries, 47 National Champions...

Congratulations to everyone who paddled - was great to see so many boats out on the water! We hope to welcome you at Pangbourne again in the future.

This video sums up the weekend perfectly - huge thanks to Georgie Mcmullen - National Marathon Championships 2017

Don't forget to check out our facebook page - Pangbourne Canoe Club Facebook Page - where lots of pictures and videos will be shared!

- Campers arriving Friday, please arrive between 4pm - 9.30pm.

- Car park open from 7am Sat & Sun, £3 per day (unless camping)

- Please follow "Canoe Race" signs into site as an alternative wet weather route may be implemented.

- Late entries for Saturday close Friday 10pm (No exceptions!)

- Late entries for Sunday close Saturday 10pm (No exceptions!)

Pangbourne Canoe Club look forward to welcoming you!

The Marathon Racing Committee's Annual Consultative Meeting on Sat 29th July at the Nationals will include some important issues for discussion about the future of the sport, including:-

  • The proposed plans for the next 4 years, including new coaching qualifications and networks for racing clubs
  • Proposed increase of the racing levy to £2.50/seat to cover these plans with a balanced budget
  • Whether promotions and demotions should be automatic or based more on request
  • Election of the Chair plus six MRC committee positions.

With lively debate and voting anticipated, please could clubs register their intention to attend along with the name of their chosen voter. All votes are on the basis of one CLUB, one vote. Registration is not compulsory but it will help us work out who is the voter if more than one person from a club attends.

Papers for the ACM can be accessed on the MRC website.

The National Marathon Women’s K1 Team Trophy is a new award to be presented at the National Marathon Championships this year, designed to encourage participation of female athletes across the age group races. A team will consist of the best four scoring female K1 paddlers from the same club, one of which must race in the Senior or U23 category long course. This award has been donated by Jessica and Imogen Collins.

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